Family learns loved ones buried in wrong grave months, years after funeral

NEWTON FALLS, OH -- Julie Lemon goes back to the West Newton Falls Cemetery to visit her sister, father and mother.

"When you bury somebody you're celebrating their life but it's also supposed to be a form of closure for their family and friends," said Lemon.

But that closure was destroyed a few days ago when she got a call from Newton Township saying all three family members are buried in the wrong plot.

"This is where they're at, but they should have been right here," Lemon said, pointing to the ground.

The family members were buried in a cemetery plot owned by and meant for another family in town.

Lemon's sister and dad died within 18 days of each other in 2011. The her mother died last February. Lemon says the township knew about the mixup and should have acted sooner.

"Two of the three trustees knew before my mom was even laid in the ground that this was not where she was supposed to be buried and they said nothing," Lemon said.

The township trustees are in charge of overseeing operations at the cemetery, they did not respond to FOX8's calls or emails, but they are holding a special meeting about the situation on Saturday.

Lemon says the mistake not only impacts the family who owns the graves where her relatives are buried, but taints her efforts to honor those she loved who are now gone.

"They deserve better. We did everything we could to make their funerals perfect and they deserve nothing less but for their final resting place and all this commotion to be caused they deserve better," she said.

Lemon says the decision of what to do next is a difficult one, but she wants the township trustees to be held accountable.