No prison time for Cleveland woman who escaped jail

CLEVELAND-The FOX 8 I-TEAM has found a woman is not going to prison for escaping from a Cleveland jail.

Crystal Bullins plead guilty to felony charges, but records show the court has granted Intervention In Lieu of conviction.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors say if Bullins completes treatment she will not get jail or prison time. However, if she fails, she could get locked up for what happened.

In May, police say Bullins ended up in a city jail on a minor charge. But first, she tried to get out by climbing a fence. Then, investigators say she stole a prisoner van with weapons inside and drove through a fence to escape. Police caught her a short time later.

As we followed the story, the mother of Crystal Bullins called for drug treatment and jail time saying she was worried about Crystal getting back on the streets.

This marks the second break for Bullins in court. Just after she got arrested, a judge let her right back out of jail on bond. All she had to do was pay $100.

By phone, at one point, Bullins told the I-TEAM, on the escape she felt as if bugs were crawling on her and groundhogs were chasing her.