Pumpkin dorm ban? Akron student carves apples, pineapple instead

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AKRON, Ohio - University of Akron student Alex Schwarz says he enjoyed the festive Halloween decorations other students were displaying outside of their rooms in his residence hall.

"I did not actually have a pumpkin but I really enjoyed walking down the hall and seeing all the pumpkins out," said Schwarz.

The RA on his floor says he enjoyed the pumpkins too, until he got a message saying they had to go.

"First when they put the pumpkins out in the hall I thought it was a cool, festive idea. But a couple of days later I got an email from a supervisor saying that pumpkins couldn't be in the halls because they could rot and attract pests," said Jackson Cagne.

"The halls were kind of, just an empty feeling, so I decided to do something about it I guess," said Schwarz.

Shelby Moore accompanied him to the store, saying he seemed to be on a mission.

"It was like a spur of the moment thing and we were just kind of walking and he goes toward the produce and I was like 'what are you going to buy in produce?' ..he goes..a pineapple," said Moore.

"It just kind of came into my head to carve a pineapple," said Schwarz, who is majoring in food and environmental nutrition.

"Pumpkins are against the rules, but they didn't say anything about pineapples," said Schwarz.
"It was amazing. I just, very genius, a very genius moment," said Moore.

"I loved it. I thought it was so funny, super creative and definitely sent a message for sure," said Mary Pat Sapola, who also lives in the same dormitory.

While his own RA was at first fine with the pineapple as long as it was not left to rot, Schwarz says another RA was not as impressed by the rebellious creation.

"The other RA was doing rounds one night and he wrote 'put the pineapple away' on my door. So I wrote back 'show me the rule that says I can't have it?' So then the following night he wrote on my door gone and the pineapple was gone," said Schwarz.

After putting a photo of the carved pineapple on social media the story started attracting attention as far away as Australia.

The University of Akron wasn't commenting on the pineapple, only to say that there is an understood rule that students are not supposed to have any rotting food, including produce, in their dorms.

"It's safe to say everybody was disappointed but then there was even a loophole to that -  and there was apples that were made," said Sapola.

Eight carved apples that Schwarz has since placed outside his door have a new message on them:  'This isn't over.'

"We are going to see how long the apples last and we might move on to cantalouope next. Or I don't know maybe lettuce, we'll see," said Schwarz.​

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