Fox 8’s ‘Cat Debate’: 4-legged visitors on morning live shot prompt mystery in newsroom!

**Spoiler alert! Experts weigh in on what the cats are at the bottom of this page**

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Forget the 'Dress Debate' and the 'Shoe Debate'. 

The Fox 8 Newsroom has an optical illusion mystery of its own happening today: the 'Cat Debate.'

We had a camera set up off the lake Monday morning to show a live look at the huge waves.

At the very end of our shot, two cats of some sort walked through, sparking a huge debate in the newsroom.

We were split pretty evenly between #TeamHouseCat and #TeamWildcat. Some say the cats are way too big to be house cats. Others say house cats all the way.

What would your best guess be?

John Windau, wildlife communications manager with ODNR's Division of Wildlife, says: "From the video of the cat walking, you can see the long tail, so definitely a house cat."

Similarly, Fox 8's friend Jungle Terry said: "Looks a little small for a bobcat, and these are usually found in the southern part of Ohio. They like more of the wooded kind of areas, so I have to go with Team House Cat."