Amber Alert issued for 4 children, one with critical medical needs, taken by mother

Daughter who witnessed mother’s murder 37 years ago fights to keep killer behind bars

MASSILLON - Diplomas, about a dozen pictures, numerous news articles, and a ring, are all Melissa Dickson has to help her remember her mother.

"This is it," Dickson said , as she clutches her mother's high school diploma. "All my good memories are gone."

Melissa was 8 years old, when her mother, Becky Kerr, was shot and killed in front of her.

It happened in February 1980, at a gas station on Perry Drive, in Perry Township.

Lincoln Mabry Jr., was Becky Kerr's estranged boyfriend, he abducted her and her daughter. Mabry forced Becky Kerr to get into a car with him and her daughter. At one point, Kerr got out of the car, and ran. Mabry followed and shot and killed her.

"He emptied a gun once, reloaded and emptied it again," Melissa told Fox 8. "He then made me get out of the car and stand by my mother. I just stood there and waited. I was all alone and it seemed like forever."

She said she was so young, that she didn't realize her mother had died.

"I just kept thinking she was coming back," Dickson said, as she tried to fight back tears.

Mabry was convicted and sentenced to prison. Now at 76 years old,  he wants out of prison. He is up for parole in November, but Melissa and her family are hoping to keep him behind bars.

"He had beat her several times, and I told her to leave him," said the victim's brother Mark. "Before her murder, he threatened to kill her and kill me for telling her to leave. He took my sister's life. He gave her the death sentence. He needs to stay in prison. "

Another brother, Joe Kerr, said the family is hoping others will help them convince the parole board to keep Mabry locked up.

"We started a petition and we are asking people to sign it and share it on Facebook," said Joe Kerr.

"I was scared to speak out," Melissa said. "But I want justice for my mother."

Anyone interested in signing the petition, click here.