Daring, two-vehicle ATM theft in Parma caught on tape

PARMA -  "Parma 911: Where is your emergency?

Caller: Brook Park and State. At BP. They just smashed through the window and took the ATM."

A frantic 911 call from the 7 Eleven Store on State and Brookpark Roads early Monday morning.

"I was just sitting there, counting cigarettes. It was about 4 am. And then out of nowhere, just BOOM! A van comes through and smashes the glass," said employee Jacob Kingan.

Kingan was working the third shift.

"The ATM went flying halfway across the store. They had two vans, one was for smashing, the other was for getting away," said Kingan.

Surveillance video shows five men use two stolen vans to storm the store and then get to work.

The ATM was taken with an undisclosed amount of money.

Meantime, Kingan says this is at least the second time this store has been hit.

"It only took a minute-and-a-half at most. They knew what they were doing. They all had hoodies, gloves, bandanas, they were ready, they were professional," said Kingan.