Fatal wrong way crash, fuel spill causes major travel problems on I-77

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CLEVELAND--A fatal crash and major fuel spill kept part of I-77 northbound shut down for hours on Sunday, forcing drivers to find another route.

Authorities tell Fox 8 approximately 500 gallons of fuel filled the roadway, after the driver of a truck hauling it was trying to avoid a wrong way driver, who had just collided head on with another vehicle.

The accident happened around 3:30 AM, but because of the hazardous mess, it took crews hours to get the problem under control. All afternoon there was the smell of fuel in the air as the mess was cleared.

The Cleveland Fire Department, along with HAZMAT crews, had to apply foam on the fuel spill as a vapor barrier to keep the spill from igniting.

"It's a shame," said David Glowacki, who stopped by the accident scene to take photos.

"I worry about this every day of my life, every day I get in a truck, someone coming the wrong way you never know what's going to happen," he said.

Authorities wanted drivers to be aware of the situation, especially since it could delay their plans.

Several Cavs fans tell Fox 8 they had to reroute on their way up to Sunday evening's home game downtown.

"I called my mother and said hey we can't go that way," said Thomas Cox.

"If we were running late we might have missed tip-off, so good thing we got up here early," said Louis Banks, as he walked into the game.

The northbound lanes of I-77 between I-480 and Pershing Avenue were opened around 8:00 PM, Sunday.

Police have not identified the person who died as a result of Sunday morning's wrong way crash; it is unclear if there were any other injuries.