Amber Alert issued for 4 children, one with critical medical needs, taken by mother

Cleveland police searching for suspects in recent deadly crimes

CLEVELAND—Recent deadly crimes in the city have people on edge, as Cleveland police work diligently to solve them.

Early Saturday morning, police tell Fox 8 a fast-food worker was stabbed to death, 48 times in the head and chest. The victim was an employee at the Rally’s in the 14000 block of Kinsman Road. Police are still looking for the two suspects who fled the scene.

"We need more safety, we need more police officers,” said Cleveland resident, Vanessa Jackson.

CPD is investigating another homicide that happened Friday evening. Three people in a stolen vehicle were shot, according to police. They then crashed into a church in the area of St. Clair Avenue and East 93rd.

"During the day it's a little safer but at night that's when it gets more dangerous late at night,” said Cleveland resident, Anthony Ward, father of three.

Police explained that the male suspects in the East 93rd case fired from the street.

"You just can't live in fear, I'm going to be brave, I'm not just going to live in my house, I'm not going to not come out, be aware of your surroundings a little bit more,” Jackson said.

Friday afternoon, Timothy Settles, 29, was found dead in front of the Burlington Coat Factory at Steelyard Commons, police explained.

Settles was shot in the head, according to officials. The suspect fled the scene.

"I always looked at it as a safe place to go to and you always got security guards, cars rolling around, I can't believe something like that could happen,” Ward said.

Steelyard Commons released a statement about the violence on Friday.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Police are also investigating the attack of an off-duty officer at the Taco Bell on Lee Road.

"That can't happen in this city,” said Cleveland Police Chief, Calvin Williams.

Chief Williams said at a news conference Friday, the suspects made off with the officer’s gun.

"They need to turn themselves in, they need to turn themselves in, and bring back that weapon, because the men and women with the Cleveland Division of Police aren't going to stop."

Police are still searching for the suspects in all of these recent crimes, but police are investigating.