Video shows desperate struggle for Cleveland officer’s gun

CLEVELAND-- Video shows the danger and desperation as a suspect grabbed for a Cleveland police officer’s gun.

The incident happened on Cleveland’s southeast side in August, but the video was just released. It comes to light as city police are looking for two men after they attacked an officer and stole her gun Thursday night.

In the August case, the video shows an officer approaching a car with his gun drawn. The car matched the description of a vehicle from a robbery.

The officer opens the door and orders the driver to put his hands up. The driver starts verbally resisting and getting out of the car. Then you can see the driver grab onto the officer’s gun. That starts a tug of war.

The officer injured his shoulder during the struggle and the driver can be seen running off.

We met the stepfather of a 16-year-old boy who’d been in that car when the driver tried to take the officer’s gun. The man told us that he’s talked to the teen.

"You're young so you've got to learn. At least I try to tell him. This is not the way," the man said.

These cases may be more common than you think. The I-Team checked and word from police shows officers are doing more than ever to de-escalate or calm a situation.

Yet, police are running into more suspects trying to steal their guns.

At a news conference about the recent officer attacked for her gun, Chief Calvin Williams called the robbers “cowards." He also called on them to turn themselves in to police.

“There’s no Department of Justice, no prosecutor, no anybody that’s going to stop us from bringing them in," Williams said.

Police have special holsters and they go through training to help them keep control of their weapons.