Twinsburg man charged with murder admitted injuring wife months earlier

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TWINSBURG, Ohio-- Months before a Twinsburg man was charged with killing his 65-year-old wife, police were called to the same home for domestic violence.

Anthony Demchak faces one count of murder. He's accused of killing his wife Marilyn, who court records show suffered from dementia.

Police records said officers were called to the couple's Dooridge Avenue home in July after neighbors witnessed him shoving her to the ground, resulting in injuries.

The police report from the July call shows officers found Anthony Demchak sitting at a kitchen table inside the home. His wife was outside with blood on her shirt and cuts on her left arm. Her shirt was torn around the collar.

According to the report, neighbors, "Heard something crashing through the back door...and saw Marilyn on the ground right outside the back door." A neighbor told police he went to help the woman, but Anthony Demchak told him to leave her alone.

The report also said a neighbor told officer he overheard the suspect tell his wife to go to the garage and that she was not allowed back in the house until he said so. Police were told that when Marilyn Demchak tried going back into the house, her husband said, "He was going to punch her in the face if she did not go back into the garage."

When officers spoke with the victim, she told them that her husband had shoved her before.

"Anthony who stated that he pushed Marilyn out of the door and she fell on the driveway. When asked why he pushed her, Anthony stated she would not listen to him and she was nagging him. Anthony stated that Marilyn kept asking him the same questions all throughout the day," the police report said.

In that case, Anthony Demchuk was charged with domestic violence, but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of criminal mischief, which is a third-degree misdemeanor.

According to records, the court was told there was no fear of dangerous behavior.

Investigators are not yet saying what they believe happened on Wednesday that resulted in the wife's death. In his 911 call, her husband said she was unresponsive on the bedroom floor and was bleeding from the back of her head.

Police said they are awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine a cause of death, but they believe her husband is responsible.