No charges for man accused of lewd acts on RTA bus

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio-- A woman says she believes there’s been no justice after what happened on an RTA bus three months after the incident. So now the FOX 8 I-Team is investigating.

What happened on the RTA No. 9 bus left some riders disgusted.

"I don't want a guy like that on the streets, at all. There's young girls and women that ride the bus," Noel Vance said.

In July, Vance said a man sat next to her on the bus and kept touching her leg. She told him to stop and moved to a different seat. While behind her, other passengers noticed the man fondling himself.

The driver was told and the man was ordered off the bus. Vance made a report with RTA police.

At first, RTA did file a charge against the man for public indecency, but he never showed up for court. RTA dropped the charge, saying the case should have been filed in Cleveland Heights since the bus was passing through that city when the incident happened.

In an email, RTA referred us to the Cleveland Heights Prosecutor's Office. The assistant law director did meet with RTA police. He saw the video and he was waiting for Vance to file a police report in Cleveland Heights.

She said no one ever told her she also had to take that step. She also wonders about other passengers who saw the lewd act.

Through it all, no charges are pending.

"He's gonna do it again. He's gonna do it again and it’s not gonna be to me. It’s gonna be to somebody else," Vance said.

The I-Team found that passenger has a long criminal record for minor crimes and felony arrests. Some of those cases developed just in recent weeks.