FOX 8’s winter weather outlook for 2017-2018

CLEVELAND-- The FOX 8 team of meteorologists unveiled their 2017-2018 winter outlook for Northeast Ohio on Thursday.

They collaborate on this annual project as early as late August, but all of the parameters don't come in until mid-October at the earliest. It's a process done independently of other long-range winter forecasts that come from places like the Old Farmer's Almanac as well as NOAA and the National Weather Service.

Our team anticipates 64 inches to 76 inches of snow. That's about double the amount from last year, which was a very lean snowfall year. A more problematic portion of the forecast is the temperature as our area is caught between arctic visits and milder melting breaks.

(Click the video above for more on the complete outlook from André Bernier)

NOAA's outlook was released last week for the nation as a whole. You can read it here.