Community comes together to makeover local veteran’s home

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MANTUA, Ohio-- Sometimes you need an army to get things done.

Especially if you're going to take a house that's over 150 years old and make it a special place for someone who the community says is a very special man.

"What happened here today I just don't have the words," said veteran Charles Foster, his friends call him Bud.

The decorated Korean War Veteran, Bud's never been the kind a guy that like to ask for any kind of help. "There's so many others that need it, " he said.

But at 84 years old, maintaining his home became too much even for him.

So folks in Mantua did the asking for him; without him knowing at first.

Folks with the Mantua Historical Society went to Home Depot who has a program that helps veterans who really could use someone to come in and help them with their home

"Bud and his family got into some projects and half of them weren't finished. We had cabinets that were stained and not hung. We had bathrooms that were complete and not working. He had mobility issues throughout the house,"  Bainbridge Home Depot Assistant Manager Paul Onuska said.

And with a grant from the Home Depot Foundation, a small army of Home Depot employees and community volunteers descended on Bud's house this week and are making it better.

Everything is being painted. The bathrooms are being redone, the kitchen is being redone. A  new a deck is being built out back, and all the landscaping had been changed.

It's a salute to a veteran who gave so much. "It's a Celebration of Service where we're going to the communities leading up to Veterans Day to find a worthy candidate and we do all these kind of things," Onuska said.

"When they first brought the subject to me I thought they wanted me to join some club I did I did." Bud quipped as he watched the work on the new deck.

No there wasn't a club just a lot of new friends to be made.

A lot folks in the community came in to volunteer their time to do the work on Bud's house.
Something that he won't forget and something to community says he truly deserves

"And I can see what's happening and there is some kindness in this world and I hope all the guys that are fighting now come home come home."

Bud says he just wishes his wife of 40-plus years Rose was still alive to see this.

He says he's going to rename the house Roses Home in her memory