Hudson police warn residents after weekend of home burglaries

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HUDSON, Ohio - Recent break-ins have police here advising homeowners to be aware of their surroundings and call if they see or sense anything suspicious.

The alert comes following three home break-ins over the same weekend.

All of them happened while the homeowners were away.

Police say in two of the break-ins, the thieves entered through basement windows and in the third they broke in through a rear door.

The homeowners in the third break-in, who did not want to be identified, told Fox 8 news that whoever broke in passed by electronics and other valuables going straight to their bedroom where they opened drawers taking only jewelry and cash.

"They are specific in what they are looking for. It seems to me that a lot of the items they are taking are easy-to-carry items where they can get in quickly look for the items they are particularly interested in and then get out quickly," said Sgt. Russ Grams.

The victims tell Fox 8 that they had been away for the weekend and were concerned about how the thief or thieves knew that no one would be home.

The city has released a photo of a suspect caught on a home security camera.

While the image of the suspect himself is not very clear police are also asking anyone who may have a home security camera in the vicinity of Stonington Drive, Abner Drive and Johnathan Drive to look through their images for anyone or anything suspicious during the weekend of October 13th.

Police say statistically the city has not had what they would term a "rash" of break-ins. The total number of break-ins in the city is less than 30, on track to mirror the same number they had all of last year.

But with three of them in the same weekend, they are alerting residents to watch out for one another.

"Any suspicious persons, suspicious vehicles, suspicious knocks on the door anything that would make someone believe that it's important enough to call, give us a call. We would rather come out and check it out and have it be nothing. Our goal is to apprehend the subject responsible for these and the community's help would be greatly appreciated," said Grams.

The victims who spoke with Fox 8 News say since their break-in, neighbors have all been turning their outdoor lights on after dark.

Police also caution anyone who may encounter these thieves not to take matters into their own hands.

"Do your best to get out of the situation and call immediately. Call 9-1-1. Get out of the situation. In this day and age you don't want to confront somebody you don't know. What that person may have on them...the best thing you can do is to get out of the situation and contact police immediately.," added Grams.

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