Cleveland officer shoots, kills man who allegedly pointed gun at him

CLEVELAND - A man is dead after Cleveland police say he pointed a gun at officers during a foot chase, and they returned fire. The officers were responding to calls of gunshots heard a few blocks away.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

Cleveland detectives searched for clues in a yard on East 93rd Street in the city's Glenville neighborhood. Around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, neighbors called police to report hearing gunshots a few blocks away near East 90th Street and St. Clair Avenue.

"As the officers approached that area, they didn't see anything, so they toured the area, they came upon two males that were suspicious," said Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams.

Williams says the officers tried to stop the men to question them.

"As they approached the males, one of the males produced what appeared to be a handgun, the male then saw the officers and both males took off running from the the officers pursued those males, one of those males actually fell down at which time a handgun fell from that male's person," he said.

The chief says the man with the gun ran into a driveway in the 700 block of East 93rd, while the other managed to get away.

"The officers continued to pursue that male and give him commands to stop, put his hands the officers went into a backyard with that male, he actually produced a second weapon and there were shots fired, at that time the male went down," said the chief.

None of the officers were hurt, but the suspect was taken to University Hospitals where he died.

"There's a coldness to the violence," said Ward 10 councilman Jeff Johnson.

Johnson, who visited the scene, called this part of the city a hot spot for gun violence.
He says he is now worried about continued violence due to possible retaliation.

"Fortunately tonight, when it came to the original gunfight, nobody was killed in the homes during the gunfight, that I was told, but I need more police over here," Johnson said.

"This call originated with citizens in the are, calling for shots fired in the area, the officers were diligent in getting to this area," said the chief.

A police spokeswoman says the officers actually administered first aid to the suspect until paramedics arrived

She says one officer fired the fatal shots.

Investigators say they recovered two hand guns from the scene. The names of the officers, nor the deceased suspect have been released.