I TEAM: the video that sparked probe into county guard sleeping on-duty

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM is revealing video not seen before showing how security cameras sparked an investigation into a county guard sleeping on the job.

The I TEAM exposed a security gap at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections building. This incident marked the second security problem there in weeks.

In this video for the latest case, you see a county Protective Services officer walking to his car late at night. Officials say he was getting paid to monitor the elections building. 30 minutes later the guard for the next shift showed up. He found a door to the building propped open with no guard inside. 15 minutes after that, the second guard looked into the car with the first guard and said he “appeared to be sleeping.’

This comes to light just days before a big election. The Board of Elections says ballots and other documents are kept secure in double-locked rooms. Still, the security gaps make Councilman Zack Reed nervous. He’s running for mayor. Reed said, "Very, very serious concerns, Ed.” He added, "We got a very competitive race going on our hands right now. And now, the door's been opened. And who knows what can happen when you get inside that door.”

Oddly, the video comes from new security cameras just put in after the first incident. In fact, the county guard found in the parking lot is part of a special round-the-clock security detail started after that first after-hours unlocked door .

Former Congressman and Mayor Dennis Kucinich found the first unlocked door on a Saturday. We left him stunned when we revealed the latest case. He said, "And if they keep leaving the door open, come on!" He added, "What's happening is you're developing a record that undermines public confidence in the Board of Elections. So, a lot of explaining needs to be done here."

Pat McDonald, director for the Board of Elections, is confident none of this will interfere with votes or voting. He called the guard sitting in his car “unacceptable.” The Board is also replacing doors to the building in a matter of days to increase security.

The Sheriff is investigating both security incidents. The Board expects reports at its next meeting.

We also reached out to the Mayor asking for comment since he is running for re-election

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