Football posters removed from Massillon High after some say school spirit went too far

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MASSILLON- School spirit is apparently taken too far, after complaints pour in about posters made ahead of a major high school football rivalry game.

The Massillon Washington Tigers play the Canton McKinley Bulldogs this weekend, but school officials say some of the celebration crossed the line.

Just about every inch of hallway inside Massillon Washington High School is covered with student made signs expressing their school spirit. It's ahead of this weekend's game with the school's long-time rival, Canton McKinley.

"Over the weekend, we actually start decorating on Friday and complete the decorating of the high school on Sunday," said Richard Goodright, Massillon Schools superintendent.

Sometime over the weekend, three signs showed up on social media. One calls McKinley students "wanna be thugs who have bed bugs."

Another states that Massillon will beat McKinley like they use food stamps...often."

"It really don't matter, we don't care for real what they say, we just gonna go out and play," said McKinley High School football player Jakhan Patterson.

"I feel like it has no relevance to football at all. Someone's home life really isn't something you compare to football. Football's the game and the game isn't like what money is, money doesn't change the game of football," said McKinley player Jeff Ferris.

Goodright says he found out about the posters early Monday morning and had them taken down before classes started.

"That's when I found out about it, about five in the morning and then the posters were taken down at 6:20 am, so no staff or students were there and we just dealt with it," he said.

The superintendent also sent out a letter online, letting the school community know that the language in the three posters was inappropriate.

"Disappointed that certainly we had those posters, but we felt like it was a correctable error," the superintendent said.

"I think it was corny, it didn't make no sense," said McKinley player C.J. Henderson.

"I think they over did it yeah, about the bed bugs and the food stamps and stuff, we can stay football, they could have kept it on a football level, but they went personal, yeah that was terrible," said McKinley player Tymere Straughter.

Goodright says he does not plan to discipline anyone for the posters. But he does say the situation offers an opportunity for discussion to emphasize good sportsmanship and maintaining a culture of respect for others.