Girard officer shooting 911 call: ‘Male with several firearms; drinking all day’

GIRARD, Ohio -- The Girard Police Department on Sunday released several 911 calls that preceded the fatal shooting of 31-year-old Officer Justin Leo Saturday evening.

In one call, the dispatcher asks "any and all units" to respond to the house on Indiana Avenue, where Officer Leo and his partner encountered an armed man. Another 911 call said the man had "several firearms" and had "been drinking all day."

Officer Leo and his partner had a brief conversation with the man before he pulled out a gun and shot Officer Leo in the chest, officials said.

Officer Leo's partner then shot and killed the gunman, Mayor Jim Melfi said.

After being rushed to St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Officer Leo died from his injuries just before midnight, a news release stated.

Ohio BCI and the Trumbull County Homicide Task Force is assisting the Girard Police Department with the investigation. The name of the suspect has not yet been released.

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