Shaker Heights toddler safe after being found wandering streets alone

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SHAKER HEIGHTS--Some vigilant neighbors protected a little boy who police said was wandering the streets alone in the middle of the day.

Shaker Heights police tell Fox 8 the toddler was discovered Saturday afternoon, not far from a busy intersection in town.

"Little kid looking like he lost out here, right around the sidewalk right here going to that stop sign," said Duane Parish.

Parish, a mailman who knows the neighborhood well, noticed the little boy with curly hair walking down Onaway Road, holding a toy dinosaur.

"I knew that some adult should have been carrying him by the arm or something like that."

Parish and other neighbors called 911 and helped the toddler, along with Shaker Heights police who responded quickly.

"Two of the police cruisers came and they were going door to door if anyone could identify the child, nobody could seem to do it," Parish said.

Police said the toddler was spotted not too far away from the busy intersection at Onaway Road and Van Aken Boulevard.

Neighbors expressed that it is a miracle the child was not hit by a vehicle.

"Van Aken and Onaway, are major streets in Shaker Heights. Van Aken and Shaker Boulevard there's lots of traffic, there's a rapid transit," said Shaker Heights resident, Rosa Franklin.

"I just thank goodness he wasn't walking in the street because Van Aken is probably the busiest street I know of," said Melodie Wiggins, a longtime resident of Shaker.

After residents on Chadbourne and Onaway Roads gave the boy food and kept him calm, police took the toddler back to the department on Lee Road.

Hours later, Commander John Cole, said the boy's family was located, and police would be working to ensure everyone is ok, and the family is reunited at the appropriate time.

"That's a good end to the story because look at this big street, look at this railroad crossings and everything else," Parish said.

"Happy ending on a beautiful day, and I hope that everything turns out well."

Shaker Heights police said they are working with health care personnel regarding the incident. Charges have not been filed.

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