Patrons of Cosgrove Center treated to 3-course, 4-star dining experience

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CLEVELAND - There are times in your life when you're struggling that you just need to feel okay.

Even for a little while.

Not everyone who comes to the Bishop Cosgrove center near downtown is homeless; many folks just need a meal or other help that the center provides.

But on Friday everyone got a chance to feel okay, in the form of a three-course, four-star meal.

Linen table cloths and napkins and a wait-staff of volunteers from local businesses brought food and drink.

The Cosgrove Center likes to do this to break up the usual noon meal and let folks know that no matter who they are or where life has put them right now that they deserve something special.

“Our values is dignity, stewardship, justice, hope and that's what we’re hoping what this event will do inspiring hope in those we serve,” Center Program Coordinator Nicole Evans said.

Althea Dreher came here to share in the fellowship.

She's not homeless but sometimes it's hard make ends meet and food at the Cosgrove center goes a long way. Dreher says it’s nice when you get a chance to feel at ease.

“Today was very lovely. I love them they're always here for me well everyone anyway so people need to come on through give them some more support." She said.

But even after Friday’s meal the need will still be great.

Cleveland has one of the highest rates of poverty in the country.

The Bishop William M. Cosgrove Center feeds hundreds of people each day with help from corporate sponsors like Progressive Insurance and Executive Caterers and lots of community volunteers.

And although this is something special, they're always hoping for a good day for the folks that they serve.

“We are grateful for the support of the community. But on a daily basis people in our city are hungry and homeless and so we're here to be that safe haven and let them come out of the elements of the environment and to inspire them with hope," Evans said.

This is the seventh year for this special event.

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