Mayoral candidate Zack Reed responds to criticism over CPPA endorsement

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CLEVELAND - Cleveland mayoral candidate Zack Reed says he will continue to embrace the endorsement he received from Cleveland's police union. But the mother of Tamir Rice, who was killed by police nearly three years ago, is demanding that he refuse their support.

"Shame on you Zack Reed," Samaria Rice said at a media briefing Monday.

Samaria Rice, along with her attorney, spoke to the media to voice her displeasure that Councilman Zack Reed has embraced a mayoral endorsement from Cleveland's police union.

"I was very dismayed and disgusted to learn that Zack Reed said he was extremely honored to be endorsed by the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association," Rice said.

In November of 2014, Samaria's 12-year-old son Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Cleveland police when officers mistook an air soft pistol he was handling in a west side park for a real gun.

"How did Reed go from blasting the police union for its misbehavior to saying he's extremely honored?" asked attorney Subodh Chandra.

"My sympathies go out to her. My sorrow goes out to her and the pain that she's feeling now and will probably feel for the rest of her life. But by that same token, I think we don't want the same thing in the city of Cleveland. We want a better city of Cleveland, but we want a safer city of Cleveland," said Reed.

After Tamir's death, Reed denounced the officers' actions and he denounced the union for endorsing Donald Trump in the last presidential election.

"My track record is clear, when the CPPA does well, I pat them on their back. When they don't do well, I let them know about it, and that's how it's gonna be as mayor of the city of Cleveland. I understand their concerns, but their concerns are not warranted when it come to Zack Reed on this case," Reed said.

"They fight against fair, safer, bias-free policing that would save more lives, especially black lives, better policing that may have saved by son," said Rice.

"There's one candidate that wants more people on the street, there's one candidate that wants to give them more resources. It's one candidate that wants to give them a raise, it's councilman Zack Reed," responded Reed.

"That has insulted me and my family over and over again," said Rice.

Zack Reed will face off with incumbent mayor Frank Jackson in the general election November 7th.