Parma police now have drone to help fight crime: I-Team

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PARMA, Ohio- The FOX 8 I TEAM has found Parma Police are getting ready to use two drones to help protect the streets. And we’ve noticed that is part of a growing trend.

Cleveland Police now have two drones. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office now has 6 drones.

So many police departments are adding drones, the attorney general is overseeing a task force coming up with standards for using drones. That includes addressing privacy concerns.

Parma Police showed us how quickly they can put up a drone to get an aerial view.

Lt. David Zarzeczny said, "Help us locate missing persons such as small children or the elderly, or apprehending dangerous fugitives such as robbery suspects or people that might have weapons. We can use that inside buildings especially for active shooter situations.”

"The drone even has  a special feature allowing it to lock in on a person. So, for example, if police are following a suspect, and he keeps moving, it really doesn't matter. Wherever he moves, so does the drone. If the bad guy hides between some cars that doesn't matter either. The drone will simply hover overhead.”

We recently saw state investigators using a drone to review the crime scene in Willoughby Hills after two police officers had been shot and wounded.

And days ago, Cleveland Police used a drone to search an area on the west side for a gunman shooting at officers.

Some drones can also be equipped to see in the dark.

Some training is required. An officer can’t just pull out a drone and fly it. But if you haven’t seen one in the air, you might see one oon.

Zarzeczny said, “And we really believe these tools will keep people safe in a far more efficient manner.'