Browns ‘quarterback graveyard’ in couple’s yard grows even bigger

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio-- A local couple's 'quarterback graveyard' continues to grow.

Tony Timoteo, of North Ridgeville, said he and his wife came up with the idea in 2014 to feature Browns quarterbacks.

They were tossing around ideas for their first Halloween decoration at their new home, when Tony proposed their yard would be great for a graveyard; his wife thought of the idea for the quarterback graveyard.

Tony says it has received a ton of attention over the years. And, he said, "it continues to grow and grow!!"

They had to add to it again after the Browns lost to the Texans on Sunday with starting quarterback Kevin Hogan.

Tony tweeted:

The work really doesnt end at the Maybe one day we can close it for good

The Browns now have the worst record in the NFL at 0-6.

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