A Halloween yard display from a galaxy far, far away lands in Parma

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PARMA, Ohio - One man's quest for the ultimate Halloween decor has led to an “out of this world” yard display that has people talking from France to the UK and all across Ohio.

Pictures of the structure almost immediately went viral after it was erected on Luelda Avenue in Parma last week.

Cars line up in front of the home day and night.

“It’s pretty constant, it’s a parade down my street all day,” said Nick Meyer.

Meyer and some friends built a 20 ft, two-story, 1,000 lb, replica of a Star Wars AT-AT Walker, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

They began planning the project last April and worked on it every weekend, using wood, hard foam and a number of other building materials.

It's good, sturdy construction too. It was able to withstand this past weekend's strong wind gusts over 40 mph.

“A lot of trial and error,” admits Nick.

The husband and father of five says, Halloween is their favorite holiday so they go all out.  

In the past they’ve built life sized pirate ships, fun houses and even the cabin from Friday the 13th.

“Makes me happy,” said Nick, “We did a good job on it  and people like it...

especially kids come dressed up.”

Estimated costs are around $1,500. Donations are welcome but certainly not expected.  Nick and his wife Becky say they just want everyone to have a Happy Halloween.

Nick says, it will be sad deconstructing the AT-AT, but soon after they’ll begin dreaming up next years decorations.

Here's a gallery of the construction process: