Attorney wants water at Cuyahoga County jail tested

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CLEVELAND – A civil rights attorney for a former Cuyahoga County Jail inmate wants a judge to order a test of the water in the county jail.

Attorney David Malik filed the request last week after he had a small sample of water tested. He said test results were positive for coliform bacteria.

“I decided to get a sample tested after receiving a call from a person who was an inmate at the jail, and he said he got sick from the water,” Malik said.

Cuyahoga County officials did not respond to requests to discuss the issue.

Malik says he plans to hold a news conference on Monday to give additional details on the matter.

Malik said his client is now out of the jail. But he said when the man was in the jail, his mouth swelled, and he got hives after drinking the water.

“This is very serious,” Malik said. “Somebody got sick, and his skin broke out because of it, so it’s time to really look at what’s going on there.”

Malik said he tested the water after his client collected it, and then the inmate handed it to a corrections officer . The corrections officer gave the sample to Malik when he went to the jail for a visit.

Malik said there needs to be additional testing done . He says his client’s sample collection wasn’t scientific. He says the sample wasn’t large enough, it wasn’t collected in the proper container and it was not the proper temperature when taken to the lab.

Nonetheless, Malik believes the sample was enough to be alarming.. “This is why I am asking a judge to let me take depositions about the water, and have an independent lab test the water,” Malik said.

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