Marines surprise widow with new flags after hers were stolen

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BARBERTON, Ohio -- It's often the small gestures that make the biggest impact. For one Barberton woman the kindness of strangers brought her family to tears.

Naomi Litton, 84, is the widow of a proud Marine and Korea War Veteran. Every day she wakes up and looks out her window at both the Marine and American flag, until early this week, when she noticed both were missing. Someone cut down and stole the flags from the flag pole in her front yard.

"I think I went into shock," said Litton. "My goodness the flags are gone...I was devastated and I think I shed a few tears of course I was thinking about my husband."

A neighbor posted what happened on social media and two former Marines made it their mission to surprise Litton.

"Once a Marine always a Marine and the Marines stick together no matter what," said Arthur Kennedy, a former Marine who answered the call to help.

A Fox 8 camera was rolling as the two rang Litton's doorbell and presented her with both flags, even taking time for their installation.

"It doesn't matter what color, creed, age, the Marine will be there," said former Marine Scott Cole.

It's a gesture the Litton family say they will not forget.

"These guys took time out of their day to do that it's phenomenal and I'm so proud," said a tearful Carol Bailey, Litton's daughter. "I'm so proud of my dad, all of our life but now this, he would be proud."

This year Naomi's husband, Edward Litton, would have been 86 years old, the couple was married for 62 years.

Now, thanks to the kindness of fellow Marines, Litton can once again look out her window and be reminded of her husband.

"I can't thank them enough, there's no words to thank them," said Bailey. "What wonderful men, Semper Fi, Marine, Semper Fi."