Growing danger: Video shows cars crash into Richfield police cruisers at accidents scene

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RICHFIELD, Ohio-- Police video shows drivers crashing into police cars twice at the same accident scene.

We’ve seen it happen a lot lately and records show a growing number of drivers cited for not slowing down at scenes with safety forces working.

In the video, Richfield police handled big accident on Sunday. Then an officer got jolted while sitting in a patrol vehicle. A driver passing by slammed into his vehicle. Then a short time later, the same thing happened to yet another officer at the same scene.

Police arrested one driver for one of those crashes. Officers suspected she’d been drinking and they say she had a suspended license.

The video shows an officer approached her and say, “You hit a police car.” She answered, “I know. Trust me, I know.’

Just days ago in Cleveland, a woman crashed into a Cleveland fire truck and died. Another driver crashed into Cleveland police at an accident scene leaving one officer with a concussion.

The Richfield officers were banged up, but they did not have serious injuries.

Why do things like this keep happening? Police blame drivers who are high, drunk or speeding. They find others simply don’t pay attention.

The state has a law saying drivers have to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles by the side of the road. The Ohio State Highway Patrol said the number of tickets for not following that law keep going up.

In 2012, there were 1,730 drivers cited in these cases. This year, the number is already 3,267. In fact, the numbers could be even higher, but police at a scene often cannot break away to chase down a driver who speeds past the scene.

Richfield police said a few years ago, an officer got hit working a scene. His injuries were so severe he had to give up his police career.

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