Young crying Tribe fan still rooting for Indians

TALLMADGE-It's do or die for the Tribe and even the youngest Indians fans realize how high the stakes are tonight.

Including Kaitlyn Gagne, 4, of Tallmadge who cried and cried in an adorable now viral video, after her mom told her about Sunday's loss to the Yankees.

"Everybody is saying how the video sums up how they feel as a tribe fan," said Clarissa Gagne, Kaitlyn's mom. "They're so sad they didn't win."

Gagne says she had no idea her daughter's reaction would strike a chord with so many fans.

Wednesday, there were no tears for the Indians, only cheers as Kaitlyn and her classmates rallied together and repeatedly chanted, "Go Indians," anxious for the big game.

Kaitlyn is a life long fan, going to her first Indians game as a baby. Her parents say tonight's game will be stressful to watch.

"It's going to be a little tense tonight but it's going to be fun," said Sean Gagne. "We're going to beat the Yankees. It's going to be good tonight and we are all going to wake up happy tomorrow."

All of Northeast Ohio is hoping he's right.