I TEAM: confessions of a sports ticket con man

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video showing the confessions of a con man busted for selling fake Indians tickets last year during the World Series. That man now can’t be found to be punished by the court.

The video gives us an inside look at the con games we’ve seen ripping off fans during Indians' and Cavs' playoff runs.

Last October, Cleveland Police arrested Simeon Gunn. Cuyahoga County Prosecutors indicted him. Records show he plead guilty to a forgery charge, but he didn’t show up for sentencing.

In the back of a patrol car just after the arrest, an officer asks, "Is there a lot of competition when you do it? " Gunn answers, "You know, when it gets too big. You got guys from all over the country. When the stage is bigger. When, you know, there's enough tickets." The officer also asks, "How many years you been doing it?" Gunn says, "Ah about 21. Started with my dad."

Police arrested Simeon Gunn for selling two counterfeit World Series tickets last year for 600 bucks. The victims found out the tickets were bad when they got to the gate. So they went back on the streets. They found Gunn. Even held him for police.

The officer can be heard asking, “Is there good money in the scalping?” Gunn answers, “Yeah, when you're the only one.”

We’ve seen ticket scams around big games again and again. And the officer even told Gunn about Cavs ticket scams.

At one point, the officer asked if Gunn would be going home. He said he’s from Chicago.

We tried reaching him at a local address and out of state. He’s hard to find.

If you see him, call Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463.