12-year-old sells lemonade to raise money for handicapped-accessible van

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MASSILLON - Meet 12 year old Joey Wines.

A precocious sixth-grader from Massillon who isn't letting his disability slow him down.

"He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, which means he has no muscle tone from his waist on down and limited muscle tone from his waist on up," said his mother, Ashley McDaniel.

And while life may have handed him lemons, he's turning to lemonade to help his mom buy a handicap-accessible van for the family.

"I'm selling lemonade so I can help my mom get some money so we can get a new van," said Joey.

Joey mans a stand near the mailboxes at the Rolling Hills Village to help.

"Right now it has no lift. I use two boards of wood that he rides up into the back of the van. It has high mileage, weak suspension," said McDaniel.

With a goal of $15 thousand dollars, time is of the essence, because Joey is getting ready to start a new treatment.

"We need a new one especially here soon because I am going to get shots to make me stronger. And we have to go up to Akron a lot for that," said Joey.

"Joey is getting an injection that goes into his lower spine. It helps builds his muscles so he's not as weak," said McDaniel.

If you would like to help Joey get a new van, you can donate by clicking here.