ALDS Game 5: Tribe fans still believing in Believeland

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CLEVELAND – Only one more game until Northeast Ohio knows if the Cleveland Indians continue in the post season….or are done for the year.

The Tribe and Yankees are tied in the American League Division Series, with a decisive game five in Cleveland Wednesday night.

“I’m confident they’re gonna win, I know they can do it (how are you so sure?) ‘Cause I have faith in the Indians, Cleveland team, we got it, we can beat the odds,” said one Tribe fan.

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“I think they’re gonna get it, (you’re not nervous that New York could spoil our chances?) No, I think we got it in the bag,” said another.

With the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees tied at two games apiece, Wednesday night determines who goes on to the American League Championship Series and who goes home. Ask any Tribe fan who will win and they give the same answer.

“The Indians are gonna win do doubt,” said a fan.

“The Indians are gonna win tomorrow, not worried whatsoever,” said another.

“I think Sabathia’s toast and I think we’re gonna win,” said even another Indians fan.

“I have hope for Cleveland that we’re gonna win tomorrow,” said one more.

Some fans admit they are a little nervous that the team dropped the last two games in New York. But they say with the series coming back to Cleveland, they’re confident the Tribe can pull it off.

“In the clutch times, when the last innings come up, the Indians’ pitching gonna win it, so that’s all it’s gonna come down to.(Did you think it would come down to a gave five?) Ahh, not at first, but you know, it happens, it’s baseball, one hit can change anything, so you know, that’s why I say pitching is the key.”

“We’re coming back home, they’re gonna have energy, you know, we couldn’t sweep the Yankees, it just wasn’t gonna happen, it’s playoffs, the Yankees are another decent team,” said a die-hard fan.

“They’re gonna win, they’re the Windians!”

Take at look at Believeland at its best in our photo gallery:

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