Indians’ Trevor Bauer is building new drone; Talks playoffs ahead of ALDS start

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CLEVELAND– Indians’ pitcher Trevor Bauer has a big day ahead of him.

The 26-year-old right hander will start on the mound in Game 1 of the American League Division Series Thursday night at Progressive Field.

Bauer admitted he was depressed during the first month of the season. He said his numbers were bad, he didn’t look forward to being at the ballpark and he didn’t feel like he was helping the team. But that turned around in August.

“I think I was very unlucky a lot of times in the first half, so my advanced numbers and my ERA matched a lot better in the second half,” Bauer said. “I think in the first half I gave up damage at the wrong points. Like I’d give up a home run, but there would be two, three guys on so it would be a lot of runs. Whereas in the second half, I’d still give up a bunch of homers, but they were solo shots.”

He said he was smarter with who to pitch to and who to pitch around, while also not giving up as many walks.

“None of that matters for this start anyway really. The playoffs are a different animal and any team can beat you on any day. So it’s a matter of looking at their lineup, identifying a game plan, how you’re going to attack each hitter, then, going out and trying to execute,” Bauer said.

Bauer, who started throwing his curve ball at age 10, now has playoffs experience. He said that makes him more comfortable with the TV breaks, the media and the adrenaline rush.

His postseason appearance was also a little messy. During the American League Championship Series against Toronto, he cut his pinky figure while working on his drone. He needed several stitches and it shook up the Tribe’s pitching rotation.

Now, that drone, named “Iron Man,” is missing. Bauer said he was flying the drone in Clague Park in Westlake on Sept. 26 when he crashed it and the GoPro attached went flying. He found the drone and spent about an hour searching for the camera.

When he returned to where “Iron Man” crashed, it was gone.

“I’ve pretty much given up on it so I’ve started the process of building a new one,”  Bauer told reporters on Wednesday. “I took the props off this year so we should be good.”

Be careful, Trevor.

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