Cleveland gets ready for playoff baseball

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CLEVELAND - Before the Cavs first preseason game Wednesday, fans peeked into Progressive Field to get a look at the Indians and Yankees practice for Game 1 of the American League Division Series.

"It's amazing, just amazing," said Rami Btib, of Cleveland.

Btib stopped to watch the Indians practice before taking his family to the Cavs game.

"I was just photographing some of the players on the field, looks like the indians are practicing," said Vince Miles, who was in town on business.

Post season play opens Thursday in Cleveland, bringing tens of thousands of people downtown.

Since the start time is close to evening rush hour, Cleveland police have put in a number of "no parking" zones starting 4 p.m. and ending at 1 a.m.

Same goes for Game 2 on Friday.

Add to the mix, the Cavs play their second preseason game against the Indiana Pacers at the Q Friday night, overlapping the Indians game.

Fans can expect additional security measures.

They will have to go through security checkpoints on Gateway Plaza throughout the ALDS.

"Indians World Series all the way. Cavs all the way. The browns, maybe five more years, if I'm being optimistic," said Btib.