I TEAM: exclusive video shows shootout on neighborhood street

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video of a shootout on a local street, and the case shows how hard it can be for police to stop gun violence even after a crime like this caught on camera.

It happened after midnight last week near West 48th and Storer in Cleveland on a street lined with homes.

The video shows a woman getting out of a car and a man running up the middle of the street with a gun. Immediately, a gun battle erupts at point-blank range with shots fired by the man in the street and by someone in the car.

The man in the street stumbles backward. Then he scrambles away. The car takes off, and video shows more flashes of gunfire up the block.

Incredibly, no one died. And, a police report shows no one showed up at a hospital with gunshot wounds.

A resident captured the video on his home security cameras. He said, "It's just a bunch of craziness down there, late-night. And you gotta worry about a bullet coming through your house. It’s everywhere not just there."

But solving this case, not such a simple job.

Police say the man in the car crashed nearby and disappeared. In his car, police found a stolen gun.

The woman at the scene gave police an address nearby, but the landlord tells us no one lives there. She also said no shots were fired from the car, but it looks as if there were when you watch that video.

Police say the case is still under investigation. The woman at the scene was arrested for obstruction, but she was released with no charges.