‘Are we at war?’ Akron woman recounts Las Vegas concert shooting

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AKRON, OH – “As the gunfire continued, that’s when panic started to set in and they started to run and they ran towards us,” Angella Rose of Akron remembers the moments gunfire went off at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas Sunday night.

“I hear pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop and it was so rapid I do remember saying at the time that’s not just a regular gun, that’s an automatic, that’s a machine gun,” Rose said.

Angella and her husband Aaron returned home to Akron early Monday morning, attempting to go back to life as normal.

The couple hid underneath the bleachers at the back of the venue, trying to escape what seemed like non-stop gunfire.

“Lay low and just don’t be seen. Then you know, maybe we’ll survive,” she said.

Rose says she could tell the bullets were coming from above and when she looked up she saw flashes of light coming from a window on a high floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

“At one point I looked up and I thought, ‘are we at war?' Is somebody up there shooting down, attacking?’ I just couldn’t imagine what it was,” she said.

Rose says she was paralyzed with fear and remembers a brave fan helping her husband lift her off the ground.

“The gunfire was still happening when someone came over to us and the herd of people had thinned out a little bit but a gentleman came over to us and he said those bleacher seats, those plastic seats, will not protect you from the bullets you have to get out right now,” she said.

“I said I can't move, I can't, I can't move, and he said you have to, right now and he grabbed this arm and my husband grabbed my other arm and they yanked me up and got me to move,” she continued.

When Rose and her husband finally got out of the concert venue she says people were running in every direction.

“It was utter chaos, like nothing I’ve ever seen… I mean I’ve never been in a war zone, but it sure seemed like one,” she said.

But despite seeing so much pain and feeling fear, Rose says the experience won’t keep her from going to her favorite concerts.

“I don’t plan to change my mind on those, I plan to still go, I’ll probably always look at venues and places with different eyes, but I won’t let it stop me from going and enjoying what I like to do,” she said.

Rose and her husband have plans to return to Las Vegas in 2018.

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