I TEAM: woman shot on 480 speaks out

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CLEVELAND- A woman and her boyfriend are sharing their story of what happened inside the SUV they were in when it was hit by gunfire on I-480 sending the woman to the hospital.

The FOX 8 I TEAM first reported the incident, and now we’re learning more.

It happened in the wee hours of Friday morning on 480 between State and Ridge. The woman is a freshman in college, and her boyfriend was giving her a ride home for the weekend.

The victim said, “But we were just driving, and we just heard this pop, and something hit the side of my foot and the door. But then I felt my foot bleeding, and I pulled my leg up to my chest, and that's when I felt the pain."

Brandon Bassett was driving the car. He said, "Yeah I had one mission. Get her to the hospital, safe and sound, going full speed ahead. Going through red lights and everything.”

They said the bullet seemed to come out of nowhere. They hadn’t been involved in any road rage incidents, and they hadn’t seen any gunmen along the highway.

And it could’ve been worse. Imagine if this bullet had hit just a little higher. And at the time of the shooting, another passenger had been sleeping in the backseat just inches away from the gunshot.

Parma Police and Cleveland Police have both been involved in the case. No one has been arrested, and a Cleveland Police report lists no suspects.

The victim said damage from the bullet has left her with a long road of recovery. She added, "It hit the side of my foot and then went into my heel."

We checked with investigators, and they told us there’s no indication of any other 480 shootings. But after this, and after the weekend massacre at a concert in Las Vegas, the victim and her boyfriend wonder is it safe to go anywhere? She told us, "Something, I feel like, definitely needs to be done. This shouldn't be happening."


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