Customer runs to help Willoughby Hills officers seconds after shots fired

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WILLOUGHBY HILLS – Dana Walling says when he took his car into the shop last Thursday he never thought he would be dodging bullets.

“I was in shock basically,” Walling told the Fox 8 I-Team.

He said he arrived at the Classic BMW around 11:30 a.m. and immediately noticed a customer that appeared agitated.

“He was upset, wanted to be in the back where they were working on his car and was videotaping everything,” Walling said.

He said the customer was getting ready to leave and became very upset when employees were backing his car out of the shop. Police were then called to dealership.

“The police found out there was a warrant for his arrest and he took off,” Walling said.

The two Willoughby Hills police officers chased the suspect, and second later shots were fired. The two officers and the suspect were all injured.

“One bullet went right past me and through the suspect’s vehicle,” Walling said.

But instead of running for cover, Walling ran to help.

“The one cop was laying on the ground with the suspect and the cop yelled help me so I ran over and asked what he needed and he asked me to handcuff the suspect, so I did , I put the handcuffs on him,” Waling said.

Employees at the dealership also helped with first aid until EMS arrived.

The suspect, Timmothy Scott Schmidt, has not yet been officially charged. He remains hospitalized.

Both officers, Craig Anderson and Cory Planisek, spent a few days in the hospital and are now home recovering.

Willoughby Hills Detective Jamie Onion says the officers want to thank the community for their support.

Officers say they also want to thank Walling for his bravery and his help.

“I just did what anyone should do,” Walling said.

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