Suspects in South Euclid car break-ins caught on video

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SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio - Surveillance video captures two male suspects breaking into vehicles in South Euclid.

Several cars were burglarized and two vehicles were stolen on Colony Rd around 3 a.m. Wednesday, while homeowners were sound asleep.

One victim, who asked not to be identified, said she and her husband woke up and found their expensive sports car torn apart inside.

“I don’t feel safe,” she said. “And I’m worried about our children.”

The break-ins were the latest in a series of similar crimes happening over the last several weeks.

The thieves seem to be targeted higher end, newer, expensive vehicles, but some trucks and TVs were also reportedly taken.

It’s unclear if the suspects in the video are responsible for all of the thefts, but officers want to speak with them immediately.

They’re also encouraging people to be proactive: removing valuables from vehicles, locking all doors, parking in a secured garage, or well-lit area.

Anyone with information about the suspects should call South Euclid Police at (216) 381-1234.