Suspect in string of Cleveland burglaries arrested along with family members

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CLEVELAND - A man accused of committing dozens of burglaries in Cleveland may be responsible for crimes in three other Northeast Ohio counties. Glen Adkins, Jr., 20, was arrested Wednesday morning, along with his 39-year old mother, Mary Leach, and two juvenile brothers.

"It's awesome, it makes peaceful days, peaceful nights," said Old Brooklyn resident Stacy Duda.

The family was arrested around 9:00 a.m. Wednesday at the Red Roof Inn in Independence.

"We made the arrest on them in there, I'm not sure how long they were gonna stay there, I'll tell you this, they had a big cooler full of bologna and a number of other items, so I don't think they were gonna be leaving anytime soon," said U.S. Marshal Peter Elliott.

Adkins is suspected in dozens of break-ins, some often violent, in the Old Brooklyn and Slavic Village neighborhoods. Elliott joined Police Chief Calvin Williams, Mayor Frank Jackson and Councilmen Kevin Kelley and Tony Brancatelli to give details of the arrest, and thank the public.

"With the community, the Division of Police, the US Marshals, all came together and we got the person we wanted to get," said Kelley.

Pete Elliott says they believe Adkins is also responsible for break-ins in other parts of Cleveland, Geauga County, Twinsburg, Solon and Mentor. Investigators are looking at the possibility that the entire family was part of the burglary ring.

"The mother, back last July was out in Bainbridge, Ohio and stole some items out there, there was a hundred mile an hour chase with her that ended up in Cleveland and then she tried to run over a deputy sheriff from Geauga County," Elliott said.

Old Brooklyn residents say they can now sleep easier.

"We were not even opening our windows or anything, that's how scared we've been, then to have this happen and it took a couple weeks, but they said they'd get him and they did," said resident Sandy Duda.

"We can't do this alone, this is always a community effort, whenever things like this happen, and our community is probably the biggest part of this," said Chief Williams.

Police say Adkins shot at a homeowner during one of the robberies, and say he dragged a police officer who once tried to apprehend him.

Investigators say he and his family could face more charges, and more people could be arrested as well.

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