Funeral home seeking owner of mystery urn

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CLEVELAND – A Cleveland funeral home is trying to unravel the mystery behind an urn left on its doorstep.

Walter Martens & Sons Funeral Home said an employee discovered the ceramic urn in a plastic bag outside the Denison Avenue business Tuesday morning. It was apparently left there some time overnight.

The urn is in good condition and is ornate, decorated with horses on its side.

“It's a nice urn, expensive urn,” said funeral home president Walter Martens, Jr. “It looks like it was well taken care of, that someone may have had it on display in the house or put away some place, and they deserve to get it back.”

Martens said the urn doesn’t belong to anyone whose arrangements were handled through the funeral home. While there could be identification of a crematorium inside, which could have a record of ashes, Martens said he fears disrupting the seal could break the urn.

While the funeral home has never had an anonymous drop off like this, Martens said someone remodeling a home found an urn and brought it in several years ago. The funeral home was able to contact a crematorium to identify the deceased man but could never reach his family.

Martens said the funeral home hopes someone recognizes the unique urn found Tuesday.

“It represents the person who passed away. We know it's not them, but it represents them and people have a fondness for those ashes,” Martens said.

The funeral home can be reached at 216-281-7111.