Woman fights off robber who attacked her with wrench in downtown parking garage

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Police are investigating after a woman says she was assaulted by a man trying to take her purse in a downtown parking garage.

According to police reports, it happened at about 8:45 p.m. Monday at 127 Public Square.

The woman told police she was in her 2016 Volkswagen Jetta when a man got in through the passenger side door. She said the man put his hand over her mouth and told her not to scream.

She said she began to scream for help, then the man hit her in the head with a silver or gray wrench. She said she bit his thumb and began punching and pushing him off of her.

The man continued to try stealing her purse. He also got her car keys and then ran from the area.

The woman's daughter took her to the hospital for several cuts and bruises.

The suspect is described as having long dreads and was wearing a dirty white T-shirt and boots.

Anyone with information is asked to call Cleveland police.