September heat wave is making your allergies worse

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CLEVELAND – No, you’re not imagining it. Fall allergies are here and the heat wave isn’t helping them. In fact, it’s most likely making them worse.

Allergists like Dr. Lily Pien at the Cleveland Clinic are busy seeing people with symptoms worse than usual.

Pien listed off some her patients’ most common symptoms, “itching eyes, itchy nose, nasal congestion, post nasal drip, sore throat,” she said.

According to Pien, the heat wave is increasing the amount of fall allergens in the air, so if you are one of the people suffering, she suggests staying inside.

Ragweed is often the biggest problem from late August to early October, but Pien says mold counts are up as well with the hot weather.

“Mold thrives on heat and moisture,” Pien explained.

Pien recommends people avoid going outside as much as possible, shower before sleeping and keep taking their allergy medicine.