City council members add to reward fund for suspected Cleveland home burglar

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CLEVELAND - Two Cleveland city councilmen are tossing in their own money to increase the reward to find a brazen burglar. Police say the man is responsible for nearly two dozen burglaries in the Old Brooklyn and Slavic Village neighborhoods.

The suspect is 20-year-old Glen Adkins and residents and police want him off the streets before he strikes again.

"His family was breaking into a number of houses both on the east side and on the west side and the volume, the repeated nature of house after house really set off the alarm, and this crime spree had to be brought to an end, so we thought we would raise the ante," said Ward 12 Councilman Tony Brancatelli.

Brancatelli and City Council President Kevin Kelley donated a thousand dollars of their own money, to increase the reward for Adkins to $3,500. They say he is brazen and dangerous and responsible for roughly 20 break-ins in the Slavic Village and Old Brooklyn neighborhoods in the past two weeks. Last Tuesday, investigators believe he tried to break into a house while the homeowner was there.

"He didn't answer the door when they first knocked. They thought nobody was home. He, in fact, was home, chased him down the driveway. He actually broke out the windshield of their car and that's when the gentleman, after he drove away, stopped the car, got out and fired a few shots; they're not shy about it," Brancatelli said.

"There was a white car over there in the circle and just heard about six or seven shots and me and landscaper just got up and ran," said Old Brooklyn resident Michael Dudash.

Residents who live in the area say the crime spree has made them band together and change their routines.

"We trying to keep an eye with my neighbor over here, and just try and make sure nobody gets in our places," said resident Carlos Rosario.

"Added a few locks to the house on the back side with additional locks on the sliding patio door. Already had concealed carry so, you know, don't typically leave it out, but for a few nights I did," said resident James Boggs.

"They've had him in his sights a few times. They had their hands on him once, but they're gonna get him; they're gonna find him," Brancatelli said.

A police officer confronted Adkins, but he ended up dragging the officer with his car and got away.

Councilman Brancatelli said police arrested his younger brother and a female.

Anyone with information on Adkins' whereabouts should call Cleveland police.