I TEAM: video of officer demonstrating deadly shooting

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HUDSON, Ohio - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video showing a Hudson police officer demonstrating what happened during a confrontation that led him to shoot and kill a Middle Eastern man here studying law at Case Western Reserve University.

The Ohio Attorney General’s office led the investigation into the shooting of Saif Al Ameri. He did not have a weapon, but a grand jury recently found the shooting justified. And the Attorney General’s office has now released to the I TEAM video of Officer Ryan Doran showing and telling investigators how it all went down.

In the videotaped statement, Doran said Al Ameri charged at him, ran past him, then came back. Doran said he started hitting the man with his police baton, but he lost his balance. He said Al Ameri ended up on top of him, hitting him and reaching for his gun.

Doran then says he was able to roll over. First shooting Al Ameri in the leg, and then in the head. Doran said, "And I fire what I believe the two shots. I come up. Click. The weapon's out of battery or malfunctions. You hear 'ugh’', that's me.” Then, “Bang, bang.”

The shooting happened in December. Al Ameri first crashed his car, then witnesses said he ran from the accident scene. Doran spotted him in the woods. Police dash camera video showed the officer scrambling out of his patrol car and almost immediately pulling his gun and threatening to shoot.

The I TEAM is revealing the video from the investigation just days after a group of Case Western Reserve University law school students and faculty members sent a letter to the U S Attorney. They’re calling for a federal investigation into the shooting. The group finds the officer's story hard to believe.

Earlier, Al Ameri’s brother in the United Arab Emirates told FOX 8 he was surprised when the officer was cleared.

A spokesperson for the city of Hudson says Doran has returned to work, and he’s back on patrol full-time.

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