Cleveland announces 3 additional ambulances on the streets

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CLEVELAND-- The city of Cleveland announced "enhancements" to the city's emergency medical services during a news conference Monday.

Officials announced the opening of three new EMS bases, which will provide an enhanced level of service to the community. Extra units will be opened at the first district, second district and fourth district.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson thanked those who voted for Issue 32; without the issue, they wouldn't be able to do the enhancement, Mayor Jackson said.

"This gives us the ability to, right now, have three additional ambulances on the street: two more during the day, one more at night," the mayor said.

Today, forty-seven cadets will be going into the EMS cadet class and when they graduate, they will come out on the street and field additional ambulances.

At the city council meeting Monday night, they will introduce legislation to purchase four additional ambulances.

Cleveland EMS has been criticized lately for slow ambulance response times. Last month, a Lyft driver and his passenger were shot, and radio tapes show it took more than 20 minutes to get an ambulance arrive. During the 911 call, the passenger scream for help while the driver died at the scene.

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