Tickets selling fast as Tribe fever spreads

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CLEVELAND – Tickets are selling at a feverish pace for games through the weekend as the Indians continue their winning streak and close in on clinching a spot in the playoffs.

By noon Thursday, about 29,000 tickets were sold for Thursday’s game, 30,000 for Friday, 29,000 for Saturday and 26,000 for Sunday.

The Cleveland Indians are opening the gates at 5 p.m. as they go for 22 straight wins.


J.R. Braswell, of California, drove 12 hours from Missouri to attend a game and be a part of the Indians’ record streak.

“I’m not an Indians fan at all. At all. I’m a baseball fan,” he said. “I live in the Bay Area, or close to it, and I kicked myself because I could’ve been at number 20 with Oakland, and I didn’t go, and I don’t want to miss that opportunity again.”

Day-of-game ticket sales are setting season records amid an overall spike in attendance. 4,523 people bought them Tuesday and 5,430 were sold Wednesday, the most this year. 2017 average game attendance is up 27 percent from 2016.

“We have sold a lot of tickets in the last 24, 48 hours thanks to our 21 game win streak,” said Joel Hammond, Assistant Director of Communication for the Indians.

Playoff tickets are already on sale to full season ticket holders and will go on sale to the general public September 26th, according to Hammond.

“Inventory will be limited for public on sale, so we encourage our fans to please consider a package which will hopefully not allow you to get shut out of 2017 postseason tickets,” Hammond said.

With the feel of the postseason already in the air, fans are excited about the prospect of seeing the Tribe’s streak continue.

“It’s like the fever of the playoffs and the World Series run last year, it feels like that all over again,” said Val Simmons, of Cleveland, who bought tickets Thursday. “Yeah, you can scream at your TV and throw things, but in the park it’s a whole lot better.”

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