Survey reveals grandkids’ top Facebook ‘no-nos’ for their grandparents

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Millennials use social media to keep up with friends and family, but there’s one part of the family they sometimes don’t want to find in their feed: grandparents.

It seems the younger generation feels grandparents are guilty of some Facebook faux pas. Even though 89 percent of grand-kids like having their grandparents on Facebook,  many feel they post too much personal information.

The survey uncovered the top 5 Facebook no-nos for grandparents:

1.) Post personal stuff: One of four say grandparents post too much about their love life and social life, and that they post dirty laundry about family feuds and finances.
2.) Rant and rave: One in five say grandparents go “emoji crazy,” and 33 percent don’t like when they get too political or post about religion.
3.) Tread on personal turf: One in four say grandparents should not try to friend their friends, and 30 percent say it’s embarrassing when their grandparent post personal comments in public places.
4.) Spread doom, gloom and guilt: About 25 percent say they don’t like to see their grandparents post about being lonely, unhappy, sick or sad. And one out of five say they don’t like to see comments about their grandparent’s health, medical issues or procedures.
5.) Try to act cool: About 22 percent said it’s not cool when their grandparents try to act cool.

The survey was conducted by Visiting Angels, an in-home senior care company.

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