Good Samaritans help rescue man who fell off cliff while taking jog in Cuyahoga Falls park

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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio-- A Labor Day run quickly spiraled into a nightmare when a man taking a jog fell off a cliff somewhere between 40-100 feet into a rocky ravine at Gorge Metro Park in Cuyahoga Falls.

Anthony Hamilton is in the hospital with his arm and leg in a cast, grateful to be alive after his near brush with death.

"Truth be told I don't remember the entire day," said Hamilton. "I went running mid-afternoon; from what I've pieced together didn't come home, woke up a couple days later in a hospital."

Anthony says a pair of good Samaritans who traveled off the beaten path that day came to his rescue after spotting him alone and injured.

"He looked down and saw me there and he asked me if I was okay," said Hamilton. "I don't know if it was pride, foolish pride, or if it was just shock and I'm like, 'no, I'm okay.'"

Emergency crews rescued him by boat and rushed him to the hospital. Anthony says while he is in constant pain, with a shattered ankle, broken pelvis and a long list of other injuries, he knows with rehab at Summa Rehab Hospital he will walk unassisted in a few months.

Anthony, a father of four, says the entire experience has helped his family grow closer. His wife, Rebecca, says she has nothing but love for the couple who saved her husband's life.

"I think about them every morning," said Rebecca Hamilton. "When I wake up because I think, you know, we would have eventually found him, I hope, but I don't know that we would have found him alive."

Friends recently built a wheelchair ramp to the family's home so when Anthony is discharged in the coming days he will not have any trouble settling in after weeks in the hospital.

Despite the long road to recovery, Anthony, a chef and professor at Kent State University, maintains his sense of humor. After meeting with the man who helped save his life, he joked he owed him dinner when his hand heals.

"It's really been a great experience, all things considered," said Hamilton. "I know that sounds funny to say but, you know, the friends I've made and the way family has come closer, the experiences I've had have probably shaped me for years to come."

A You Caring account was started  to help the family with the cost of medical expenses.