Noooo! Parents tell stories of most expensive things kids have ruined in hilarious viral Reddit thread

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Part of parenting is taking the good with the bad — and sometimes it’s the very, very bad.

In a viral thread, Reddit users are telling their stories of the most expensive things their children have ever ruined.

Common themes? Scratched flat TVs and broken laptops. One person even said their eyeball was scarred permanently because of their children.

One parent wrote:

“The stereo in our minivan quit working. After a little troubleshooting, we found 25 pennies shoved in the CD slot.”

Another parent wrote:

“When I was about 5, I had a fascination with magnets and I had quite a few of them and I played with them a lot. I had heard several times from my parents to not put the magnets by the tv and of course, my 5-year-old brain registered that as “Definitely put the magnets by the tv”. So when they were out of the house I put one on the screen and it became discolored, I thought it was cool and dragged it across the tv some. I quickly found out that the color doesn’t come back when you turn the tv on and off

Had to get a new TV and I got in quite a bit of trouble”

And yet another:

“16 iPads. How did our child ruin 16 iPads you ask? Well let me tell you. My wife is a teacher. In her school each child is assigned an iPad for educational purposes. When the school year is over the iPads have to be wiped and reset to factory settings. Of course this has to be done after school is over. She was running behind getting her classroom prepped to be cleaned and still needed to reset them to factory settings. She brought her iPad cart home with 22 iPads in them. She laid them all down on the office floor and made an assembly line. She got to the last one and left to do something else. Came back and our daughter had played “the floor is lava” on top of 16 of them. The screens were trashed. Some of them would power on but the touch screen function was gone. She had to call her principal and explain. She got a royal…chewing for it, but lo and behold the next year they were planning on switching to Google Classroom instead… All new Chromebooks for the kids.”

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