Video shows man with gun in Cleveland jail after arrest: I-Team

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CLEVELAND--The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive video showing what happened when Cleveland police arrested a man and handcuffed him, yet he then surprised everyone by pulling a gun in the city jail.

Keith Bolden has now been indicted, and police have just released body camera video to the I-Team.

Last month, officers patrolling on the southeast side stopped Bolden for drinking in public. After a brief scuffle, officers handcuffed him, they did a quick pat-down, and they asked if he had anything on him.

During the ride to jail, the video shows Bolden fidgeting and twisting his body. He had been cuffed with his hands behind him, yet officers noticed somehow, he suddenly had his hands in front of him. So the officers stopped the car and handcuffed Bolden again with his hands behind him.

At the jail, as police and jailers were processing Bolden into the lock-up, going through his belongings, the video shows him pull something from the lower part of his body and slam it on a table. Police and a jail guard quickly tackled him.

A report shows Bolden had pulled a loaded .22 handgun. On the video, the jailer quickly grabbed it.

As of Monday, Bolden was locked up awaiting trial on weapons charges. He faces a felony charge for taking the gun into the jail. And he faces a charge for simply having the gun. Records show he has been convicted before on drug charges. Once, he even got indicted for attempted murder, but that case was dismissed.

Meantime, Cleveland Police are still doing an internal investigation looking at the officers and how they handled the arrest and search.